Comparing our Speakers

It is always comforting to know which products you can compare when you undertake the upgrading of your system, especially when you can audition the speakers.  But, the factory direct model can make it very difficult to make comparisons as the prices are normally lower compared to acoustically comparable products.
People examining Newform Research loudspeakers are in the market for sound quality, not furniture. Sound quality of this nature is usually associated with planar loudspeakers of some sort. The major brands available in South Africa are Magnaplanar,  Martin Logan and Quads.
Newforms are probably closer to the Magnaplanar sound which may be slightly sweeter than the Martin Logan sound. Room, equipment and setup variables make this an extremely generalized statement. Comparable classic planars include Apogee, Quad, Acoustat and many others.
The price bracketing exercise would see the R645 running against speakers in the range of R70-000-00 to R100-000-00. Above that, the upcoming NHB Ultra or the custom made ExcelArray would be options to consider. 

The R58 and R530 are intended for smaller rooms and where price is more of an issue.
Ultimately, the customer has to make the final determination of what constitutes a valid comparison. The main points to consider are: Understand your application, don't be unduly swayed by price levels and don't let prices determine your perception of performance.


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