RibbonSpeakers South Africa are the sole agents for  Newform Research Ribbon Loudspeakers and Sonicaps capacitors in Southern Africa.


What makes Newform Ribbon Loudspeakers special ?

Current Models

Newform Research has several models available of which the  -----------------------. The ribbons come in different sizes, with different sensitivities and output capabilities. However, the basic transparency, detail and soundstaging remains consistent from model to model. The smaller models must therefore not be seen as inferior to the larger models as all  the speaker models are designed to maintain their fundamental characteristics of openness and detail whether they are played loudly or softly. The only difference is in their output capabilities.  

The speakers are not designed for a certain price points but to fit an application. Selecting the right ribbon is not just a matter of comparing models but also understanding your listening room requirements and your own personal preferences.   

The speakers' names indicate the size of the bass drivers and the length of the ribbon. For example, R58  refers to a 5" bass unit with a 8" ribbon and R530 refers to a 5" bass driver with a 30" ribbon. 

Sonicaps Capacitors.

Finding good quality and affordable capacitors in South Africa has been problematic and has prompted us to represent the Sonicap range of capacitors in South Africa. These audiophile capacitors are used in all our speakers and can be purchased from us.  


Contact Information

RibbonSpeakers: South Africa
P.O. Box 15535, Vlaeberg, 8018, South Africa
Telephone 084-583-2426